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Upcoming events

    • 11/01/2017
    • 11/30/2017
    • IWA

    Official IWA Name Badges are now on Sale! 

    The 3.5 x 1.5 inch, blue and white plastic and magnetic piece will clearly identify you and add an extra special look to your outfits at IWA functions. Order a badge online today!  

    The deadline for placing your order is November 30, 2017.

    Note: Some members may want to list an additional country on their name badges if they have strong enough ties with another country. (e.g. a U.S. citizen who has German parents or grandparents, or lived in Germany for many many years, may want to put USA/Germany on her badge.)

    • 11/16/2017
    • 12/21/2017
    • 2 sessions
    • IWA Office, 307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 702
    Registration is closed

    • 11/29/2017
    • Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago

    • 12/05/2017
    • 11:30 AM
    • Details to be provided upon registration

    Program (IN FRENCH): “Potluck Holiday Party” 

    Bring a favorite dish to enjoy with others in a festive atmosphere. We will also discuss upcoming programming. Start thinking of topics for upcoming programs for 2018.  Chantal Seguy has retired as chair. We will have an election and need to plan for a few more meetings this year.  


    • 12/06/2017
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • The Fortnightly of Chicago, 120 E. Bellevue Pl., Chicago
    • 94

    • 12/07/2017
    • 6:00 PM
    • Details to be provided upon registration

    Film: “45 Hours” (to be discussed)

    British drama directed by Andrew Haigh, 2015.  Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay play the lead actors.  Two stalwarts of British talent in the 60's, Kate and Geoff, read a letter that rocks their world.  The news that the ice encased body of  Geoff's German first love, Katya, who died more than 50 years ago after falling through a crack in a glacier as they hiked in the Swiss Alps.  The letter seemed innocuous, at first, but we soon see how it will change their entire life. Charlotte Rampling was nominated for Best Actress and “45 Hours” was nominated for Best Picture in 2015.

    Leader: Dr. Pe
    ter Conroy

    RSVP BY 12/5/17


    • 12/09/2017
    • Details to be provided upon registration.

    Program (IN POLISH): "Christmas Celebration"

    • 12/11/2017
    • 1:00 PM
    • IWA Office, 307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 702
    Registration is closed

    • 12/13/2017

    Program: The Suez Canal...Past, Present & Future

    Presenter: Heba Zaki, Deputy Consul General of Egypt


    • 12/14/2017
    • IWA Office, 307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 702, Chicago

    Program: We are very fortunate to have Dr. Laura Calamos Nasir speak on "The Museum as a Boundary Spanning Organization".  She uses her experiences as a community educator, primary care nurse, professor, and ethnographer to uncover the opportunities to increase understanding, improve service delivery, and facilitate change.

    Presenter: Dr. Laura Calamos Nasir, President-National Hellenic Museum, Ph.D. from King's College London, England. She is an author, university lecturer and esteemed conference speaker across North America, Africa and Europe.

    RSVP BY 12/11/17


    10:30 a.m.  SOCIAL,  11 a.m.  SHARP

    • 12/15/2017
    • IWA Office, 307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 702
    • 32

    Book: Hag-Seed                                                                                                               

    Author:  Margaret Atwood 

    Leader:  Judith Coxe 

    • 12/16/2017
    • Ruggles Hall, Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton St., Chicago

    Program: “Holiday Performance: A Dream of Avon” 

    Get into the festive spirit by joining us for a special holiday play by professional actors from the Shakespeare Project of Chicago. Enjoy hot chocolate and treats courtesy of the Library. 

    RSVP BY 12/13/17


    FREE Admission, paid parking through Spot Hero at 1016 N. Dearborn St.

    • 12/18/2017
    • Union League Club Chicago, 65 W. Jackson Blvd., 5th Floor

    Program (IN ENGLISH): Musician Club Women’s Concert

    RSVP by 12/10/17: Reservation for both concert and optional prepaid lunch must be made out to Ana Moreno by December 10th. For more details ask Ana when you reserve.

    • 12/21/2017
    • Details to be provided upon registration

    Program (IN GERMAN): “Eine Weihnachtsfeier bei Hildegard.” “

    Wie hat sich Weihnachten veraendert?” Gemeinsame Diskussion.

    Leitung: Elfie Bishop

    RSVP BY 12/15/17

    • 12/21/2017
    • 10:00 AM
    • IWA Office, 307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 702
    Registration is closed

Past events

11/17/2017 Asian Culture & Literature Joint Program: "Monkey: Folk Novel of China"
11/16/2017 German Language: Fire and Earth
11/13/2017 Beginner Bridge
11/10/2017 Turkish Culture: Remembering Atatürk
11/08/2017 Arabic Culture & ESW Joint Program: Stories of Refugee Women
11/07/2017 DONATIONS to 2017 WEX
11/07/2017 TICKETS AND SPONSORSHIP for the 2017 Woman Extraordinaire Event Honoring Kimberly Jung
11/06/2017 Performing Arts: "A View From The Bridge"
11/03/2017 Insider Chicago: "Then They Came for Me" Exhibit
11/02/2017 Film Discussion: "A Man Called Ove"
11/02/2017 French Language: From Animal Skins to Haute Couture
10/31/2017 Spanish Language: Visit to the National Museum of Mexican Art"
10/27/2017 Sponsor Member Afternoon Tea
10/27/2017 OCTOBER SPOTLIGHT PROGRAM: French Language & Insider Chicago
10/26/2017 German Language: Neue Ideen, Neue Programme
10/24/2017 Asian Culture: "Let's Roll the Korean Way!!"
10/23/2017 European Culture: "Let the Sunshine in" Film Viewing
10/20/2017 Patron & Founder's Circle Afternoon Tea
10/20/2017 Literature: "Hero of the Empire" by Candace Millard
10/19/2017 Bridge
10/16/2017 International Dining Program: Indian Lunch Buffet
10/13/2017 Turkish Culture: Noah's Pudding
10/12/2017 Hellenic Culture: Tour of the American Writers Museum
10/11/2017 Pre-Gala Program: Film Screening Presented by Asian Pop-Up Cinema
10/11/2017 English Speaking World: Nina's Best Exotic India Memories
10/10/2017 Polish Language: Power of Identity
10/10/2017 Modern Professionals: Members Story Showcase & Pre-WEX Event
10/09/2017 Beginner Bridge
10/06/2017 International Gourmet Program Presents “Olé! Viva España!”
10/05/2017 Film Discussion: "Brooklyn"
10/04/2017 Knitting Program-NEW!!!
10/03/2017 China Gala Pop-Up Program, Ceramic and the Silk Road
10/02/2017 Performing Arts: "The Audience"
09/28/2017 German & Polish Language Joint Program
09/25/2017 European Culture: Pot-Luck Lunch
09/22/2017 Insider Chicago: GEMS World Academy Chicago Tour
09/21/2017 Bridge
09/20/2017 Arabic Culture: "The Two Million"
09/18/2017 Spanish Language: "How Do You Do?"
09/15/2017 Literature: "The Infatuations" by Javier Marias
09/14/2017 Hellenic Culture: "Thinking About Women and Gender in Athenian Drama"
09/12/2017 Modern Professionals: "The Body Message"
09/11/2017 Beginner Bridge
09/08/2017 Turkish Culture: Picturesque Istanbul
09/07/2017 Asian Culture & Film Discussion Joint Program: "A World Without Theives"
09/05/2017 French Language: Bring a Bibelot
08/19/2017 Literature: Potluck Dinner Meeting
08/17/2017 European Culture: Saints & Heroes, Art of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
08/07/2017 Performing Arts: "Ah, Wilderness"
08/02/2017 A 95th Birthday Celebration for IWA Founder, Doe Thornburg
07/27/2017 Asian Culture: Annual Dinner Celebration
07/23/2017 The International Gourmet Program “A South African Braaivleis” (Barbecue)
07/21/2017 Literature: "LaRose" by Louise Erdrich
07/20/2017 European Culture: Post-Gala Lawn Party at Ravinia
07/11/2017 Modern Professional & Pre-Wex Program
06/27/2017 Asian Culture: Yearly Planning Breakfast
06/22/2017 German Language: The German Harmonica & African-American Blues Culture
06/21/2017 European Culture: Classical Music at Jay Pritzker Pavilion
06/19/2017 Spanish Language: Planning Meeting
06/16/2017 Literature: "Citizens of London" by Lynn Olson
06/14/2017 IWA Annual Meeting and Luncheon
06/13/2017 Modern Professionals: Women in Architecture (CANCELLED)
06/10/2017 Polish & Spanish Joint Program
06/09/2017 Turkish Culture: Live Classical Music & Raki Night
06/07/2017 IWA Woman Extraordinaire "Getting to Know You" Evening Event at Frontier
06/06/2017 French Language: Dinner at Chez Moi
06/05/2017 Performing Arts: "Great Expectations"
06/01/2017 Film Discussion: "Trumbo"
05/30/2017 Poetry, General Reading and Writing Salon
05/23/2017 Asian Culture: Private Tour of Ai Weiwei's Photo Activism
05/22/2017 European Culture: "My Life as a Diplomat"
05/20/2017 Insider Chicago, Goose Island Brewery Tour
05/19/2017 Literature: The Mersault Investigation
05/18/2017 German Language: May Program
05/17/2017 Arabic Culture & Film Discussion Joint Program: "The Square"
05/12/2017 Turkish Culture: Post-Gala Program on Language
05/10/2017 English Speaking World - Oldest World Cuisines
05/09/2017 Modern Professionals: Career Mobility
05/06/2017 Polish Language: Polish Constitution Day Parade
05/05/2017 TICKETS TO THE Gala ~ Suomi Finland 100 ~ Celebrating Together
05/02/2017 French Language: Café Conversation (in French)
05/01/2017 Performing Arts: "Linda Vista"
04/19/2017 Pre-Gala Event, A Finnish high-tech success story: SWAP.COM
04/12/2017 English Speaking World - Literacy Chicago
04/11/2017 Modern Professionals - Creative Power of Women
04/07/2017 IWA Name Badge Spring Sale
03/27/2017 IWA Briefings: Lurie Children's Hospital
03/14/2017 Modern Professional - Int'l Parental Child Abduction
03/10/2017 Turkish Interest - Handmade Turkish Jewelry
03/08/2017 International Women’s Day Celebration
03/08/2017 International Women’s Day Raffle
02/25/2017 Pre-Gala Program: Lapland to Helsinki, Finland
01/11/2017 The IWA International Gourmet Group presents: "A Winter Luncheon from Normandy"
12/08/2016 IWA Name Badge Winter Sale
12/07/2016 2016 IWA Annual Holiday Party
11/29/2016 Insider Chicago “Working in America Exhibit” Private Tour and interactive discussion
10/25/2016 RAFFLE TICKETS for the 2016 Woman Extraordinaire Event Honoring Vicki Escarra
10/25/2016 TICKETS AND SPONSORSHIP for the 2016 Woman Extraordinaire Event Honoring Vicki Escarra
10/07/2016 Spotlight Program, “The New Science of Cancer” at Northwestern Hospital
10/01/2016 Pop-Up Program ArtPrize International Art Festival
09/28/2016 Open House Celebration at Our New Office and Volunteer Fair!
08/28/2016 The International Gourmet Program invites you to the Annual IWA Summer Picnic
06/15/2016 IWA Annual Meeting and Luncheon
05/13/2016 RAFFLE TICKETS for IWA Gala 2016, "Celebrating Germany"
05/13/2016 Sponsorship Opportunities, IWA Gala 2016 "Celebrating Germany"
05/13/2016 TICKETS TO THE IWA Annual Gala "Celebrating Germany"
04/08/2016 IWA Name Badge Sale Event II
04/06/2016 The IWA International Gourmet Group presents: "A Celebration of the New Season, AN EARLY SPRING PASTICHE"
03/31/2016 Insider Chicago, "Dressing Downton!"
03/08/2016 International Women’s Day Celebration at Intercontinental Chicago
02/05/2016 Insider Chicago, "IWA visits SAIC!” IWA MPG and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
01/25/2016 IWA New Year Open House...Goodbye Suite 1800...Hello 2016!
01/15/2016 IWA Name Badge Sale Event
08/09/2015 2015 Gourmet Picnic
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