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Understanding Into Practice
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IWA Leadership


Nila Bayvas, President

Rebecca Warnander, Vice President & Director for Volunteers

Jackie Brennan, Treasurer

Virginia Bolen, Secretary

Roya Mehrnoosh, Director for Community Service

Nicola Crowe, Director for Culture, Language and Activity Programs

Marcia Ockleshaw, Director for Development

Dell Harmsen, Director for Member Engagement

Barbara Calabrese, Co-Director for Membership

Catherine Sinegal, Co-Director for Membership

Margo Binay, Director for Nominating Committee

Gay-Young Cho, Director for Philanthropy

Elizabeth Jia, Director for Publications

Laurie Ashcraft, Member at Large

Jill Brennan, Member at Large

Agnes Cikowska-Teczar, Member at Large

Ying Hirsh, Member at Large

Suzanne McCormick, Member at Large

Cheryl Merchant, Member at Large

Vi Nelson, Member at Large

Ana Lucia Pappas, Member at Large


The past presidents exemplify IWA’s global diversity:

Doe Thornburg, 1978-1987 (U.S.A.)*
Ruth Ann Quinn, 1987-1988 (U.S.A.)*
Helen Padberg, 1988-1991 (U.S.A.)*
Beverly Valentine, 1991-1993 (Jamaica/Canada)
Suzanne McCormick, 1993-1995 (Italy)
Elena Philips, 1995-1997 (Italy)
Sally Park, 1997-1998 (U.S.A.)
Rose-Marie Provo Kluit, 1998-2000 (The Netherlands)
A. Susana Ugarte, 2000-2001 (Argentina)
Sonia Aladjem,2001-2002 (Uruguay)*
Nancy Knapp, 2002-2004 (U.S.A.)
Yoko Mosher, 2004-2005 (Japan)
Lynnette Gaza, 2005-2007 (Australia)
D. Clancy, 2007-2009 (U.S.A.)
Sharon Barton, 2009-2010 (U.S.A.)
Ana Manglano, 2010-2011 (Colombia/Spain)
Gay-Young Cho, 2011-2013 (Korea)
Margo Bennett 2013-2015 (UK)
Sevil Kutay 2015-2017 (Turkey)
Marian S. Jacobson 2017-2019 (USA)

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