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    • 01/27/2021
    • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (CST)

    Global Dialogue Program

    Beate Sirota Gordon's Legacy for Women's Rights in Japan

    Presented by Beate Gordon’s daughter

    Nicole A. Gordon

    10:30 - 10:35 a.m (Central Time): Greetings and introduction of speaker

    10:35 - 11:15 a.m: Presentation by Nicole Gordon (40 minutes)

    11:15 - 11:30 a.m: Q&A by participants and speaker; concluding remarks

    Note: Prior to this live program, you are invited to get insight into this amazing woman through reading her book or Wikipedia biography, or hearing her speak on YouTube. Links are provided below:

    Book: The Only Woman in the Room (1997, University of Chicago Press)

    Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beate_Sirota_Gordon

    YouTube (Beate Gordon’s Mills College 2011 commencement address):


    YouTube (Beate Gordon’s talk on The Only Woman in the Room):


    Beate Sirota Gordon played a seminal role in promoting women’s rights in Japan. She was born in Vienna, Austria on 25 October 1923. At the age of six she moved to Japan with her parents, after her father, Leo Sirota, a world-famous concert pianist, was invited to become a professor at the Imperial Academy of Music – now the Tokyo University of the Arts.

    Mrs. Gordon spent ten years as a student in Japan and became fluent in Japanese. In February, 1946, after the conclusion of World War II, Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, ordered the Constitutional Assembly to draft a new constitution for occupied Japan. Beate Sirota, at age 22, was assigned to the subcommittee dedicated to writing the section on civil rights. As she was one of only two women in the larger group, Sirota played an important role in writing the clause regarding women’s legal equality with men in Japan, including Articles 14 and 24 concerning Equal Rights and Women's Civil Rights. On March 4, 1946, as an interpreter on MacArthur's staff, she was the only woman present at the negotiation session that determined the articles to be included in the new constitution of Japan.

    Mrs. Gordon's book, The Only Woman in the Room: A Memoir of Japan, Human Rights, and the Arts is a vivid and very personal account of one woman’s life in Europe, prewar Japan, and the United States. Her intimate description of helping to write, in less than a week, the new constitution’s section regarding women’s rights is an astonishing record of history.

    Nicole A. Gordon is Faculty Director of the CUNY Baruch College Executive M.P.A. program and Distinguished Lecturer of Public Affairs. She was the founding Executive Director of New York City’s Campaign Finance Board, building this reform agency into an internationally recognized model. After 18 years there, she was the Vice President of the JEHT Foundation, focusing on criminal, juvenile, and international justice and elections. Ms. Gordon has served as Counsel to the Chairman of the NY State Commission on Government Integrity and as an Assistant Corporation Counsel in the NYC Law Department. She is a past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics. Ms. Gordon holds an A. B. degree from Barnard College and a J.D. from Columbia Law School.

    • 02/02/2021
    • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    Program (in French): Fun with Proverbs

    A proverb is short but always rich in common sense. Proverbs are an oral communication of wisdom shared widely. To love proverbs is good but understanding their true meaning is better. That is why we invite you to discover or rediscover some proverbs of the French language

    Note: Limited to 20 people.

    • 02/03/2021
    • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    Join us for a Morning Meet and Greet!

    Grab a warm cup of coffee or tea, catch up with old IWA friends, and make new ones at our weekly Zoom chat. You never know who may join in and what might be discussed!

    All IWA members and potential new members are welcome!

    • 02/03/2021
    • 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    Biannual CLA Chairs Meeting!

    By invitation. Zoom link provided upon registration.

    • 02/04/2021
    • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    Film: "The Florida Project” (2017) to be discussed

    "The Florida Project" is a slice of American life, set on familiar American landscape with motels and parking lots along the stretch of highways. In this context Sean Baker tells the sto

    ry of a 6 year-old, Moonee and her troubled young mother, Halley fighting for their livelihood in the shadow of nearby Magical theme park, Disney World. Directed by Sean Baker. With Willem Defoe, Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite.

    Discussion Leader: Ann Brody, longtime IWA member and currently a Florida resident will facilitate the discussion. She also brings her perspectives as a clinical social worker and career counselor.

    Note: The Florida Project is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube and Google Play   

    • 02/10/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    English-Speaking World

    Ireland Today – its politics, culture and economy, and the Irish diaspora world wide

    with Sarah Keating, Vice Consul of Ireland in Chicago

    Sarah Keating was born in Limerick, Ireland. She attended primary and secondary school locally, in the Mercy of Convent Primary School, Cappamore, Co. Limerick and St Joseph’s Secondary School Doon, Co. Limerick. Sarah obtained an undergraduate degree in Law and Irish from University College Cork and subsequently a Masters of Law from the University of Limerick. During her undergraduate studies Sarah completed internships with Conradh na Gaeilge (an organization which promotes the Irish language) and the Press Ombudsman of Ireland. Sarah joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2017, having worked previously in Zara clothing store and the Law Reform Commission of Ireland. Her first assignment was to the Human Rights Unit where she served as the Irish Delegate to the EU Working Party on Human Rights and also had the honor of delivering a national statement on behalf of Ireland at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Sarah took up the role of Vice Consul at the Consulate General of Ireland Chicago in March 2019. Prior to this Sarah had never visited Chicago, although she previously completed a J1 summer program in Boston. Sarah has plenty of family already based in the US, mainly around New York.

    Check - In: 10:50 a.m. Central Time

    Program: 11:00 a.m. Central Time

    • 02/11/2021
    • 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    Take inspiration from traditions around the world to find happiness and inner peace. We will explore and celebrate all the goodness of world culture from Danish Hygge to Japanese Ikigai, the secret to a long happy life. Come and get cozy with us!

    Presenter: Andrea Brandeis.

    Andrea Brandeis is a freelancer of programs that excite, delight and keep people engaged. Her heroes are her mom and grandmothers. She is known for the art of gathering. She is a lover of nature, the ocean, flowers, books, coffee, readers, writers, seekers and community. She has a B.A. in Communications from Simmons University. Andrea lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts with her husband David, their hydrangea garden and Little Free Diverse Library. Andrea is a mom to three adulting children.

    IWA Sponsor: Nancy Desmond Donatelli

    • 02/13/2021
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    Come dressed in red and pink for a fun party on Zoom!

    Just for gals, Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the day before Valentine’s Day. This lighthearted holiday was popularized by Amy Poehler on her television show, Parks And Recreation.

    Bring a smile and an item to share that represents friendship or love, such as a gift from a cherished friend or a souvenir you bought on a trip with a friend. IWA is all about connections so this is the perfect day to get to know other members!

    Fun Breakout Room activity will be included!

    Bring a drink of your choice as we’ll end with a toast to friendship!

    • 02/16/2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    Join us for an Evening Meet and Greet!

    Grab a your favorite cozy winter drink, catch up with old IWA friends, and make new ones at our weekly Zoom chat. You never know who may join in and what might be discussed!

    All IWA members and potential members are invited!

    • 02/24/2021
    • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)
    IWA New Member Orientations are by invitation. Please see emailed invitation for details. 
    • 03/11/2021
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom (link provided upon registration)

    English-Speaking World Program

    Vivien Twyford, an Englishwoman, set out to travel the world in 1962 and arrived in Australia in 1968 and never moved on.

    Speaking to us from Sydney via Zoom, Vivien will tell us of the changes in Australia over the 50 years she has spent there as a businesswoman, mother, and student.

Past events

01/26/2021 Asia-Pacific Culture: Paint Peking Opera Face & Find Out Who You Painted!
01/25/2021 European Culture: Special Joint Program with IWA Vilnius, Lithuania, and IWA Chicago
01/21/2021 CANCELED - Global Dialogue: Introducing Contemporary Chinese Art from the Cultural Revolution to Present
01/19/2021 Evening Meet and Greet, January 19
01/19/2021 Asia-Pacific & European Culture Program - Wool: Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full
01/19/2021 Board of Directors Meeting, January 2021 (by invitation)
01/18/2021 Poetry Program: Internationally Recognized Women Poets
01/17/2021 IWA Hellenic Program in partnership with Hellenic Link-Midwest, presents “Remembering Sappho”
01/15/2021 Literature Discussion: The Lover by Marguerite Duras
01/14/2021 CANCELED Member Engagement: January Singles Supper
01/13/2021 IWA English-Speaking World and IPCC: Stephen Kinzer on "Poisoner in Chief"
01/07/2021 Film Discussion: Potiche (2010) French-Belgian Comedy
01/06/2021 Morning Meet and Greet, January 6
01/05/2021 French Language (in French): Discussion of the Film "I've Loved You So Long" (Il y a longtemps que je t'aime)
12/21/2020 NEW Poetry Program: Internationally Recognized Women Poets
12/18/2020 Literature Discussion: Where the Crawdad Sings by Delia Owens
12/17/2020 Member Engagement: Second Singles Supper
12/15/2020 Evening Meet & Greet
12/15/2020 Global Dialogue: Safeguarding Indigenous Heritage in the Anthropocene: Examples from northern Canada and Chile
12/14/2020 Program: "The Beauty of Beadwork" with Julia Atkins
12/10/2020 European Culture: CCC Art, Reima Victor Ratti, Artists of the Civilian Conservation Corps
12/09/2020 IWA Virtual Holiday Party
12/08/2020 Asia-Pacific, European and Turkish Culture Joint Program: Story of Tea
12/08/2020 Board of Directors Meeting, December 2020 (by invitation)
12/03/2020 Film Discussion: The Distinguished Citizen (2017 Argentine-Spanish Comedy/Drama)
12/02/2020 Morning Meet & Greet
12/01/2020 French Language: A Favorite Holiday Dish
11/29/2020 Canceled - Walk & Talk: Streeterville (November 29)
11/28/2020 Canceled - Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (November 28)
11/26/2020 Thanksgiving - IWA Office CLOSED
11/24/2020 Art Institute of Chicago Webinar Announcement - Portrait of a Goth
11/24/2020 Member Engagement Program: Jewelry and Journeys
11/23/2020 NEW Poetry Program: Internationally Recognized Women Poets
11/22/2020 Canceled - Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (November 22)
11/21/2020 Canceled - Walk & Talk: Streeterville (November 21)
11/20/2020 Literature Discussion: Celestial Bodies by Jokha Alharthi
11/19/2020 Asia-Pacific, European, and Turkish Culture Joint Program
11/17/2020 Evening Meet & Greet
11/17/2020 French Language (in English): All That Jazz - Europe
11/16/2020 Canceled - North Shore Outdoors: Lake Forest Walk & Talk
11/16/2020 International Dining/Membership Virtual Zoom Lunch (Comfort Food)
11/15/2020 Canceled - Walk & Talk: Streeterville (November 15)
11/14/2020 Canceled - Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (November 14)
11/13/2020 Canceled - Walk & Talk: Bloomington/606 Trail
11/12/2020 IWA Singles' Supper
11/11/2020 Women's Voices Worldwide
11/11/2020 Morning Meet & Greet
11/10/2020 Board of Directors Meeting, November 2020 (by invitation only)
11/09/2020 New Member Orientation
11/09/2020 Chill & Chat (November 9)
11/09/2020 North Shore Outdoors: Bannockburn Village Park Walk & Talk
11/08/2020 Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (November 8)
11/07/2020 Walk & Talk: Streeterville (November 7)
11/06/2020 English-Speaking World and Turkish Culture Joint Program: U.S. Policy in the Middle East
11/05/2020 Film Discussion: Honeyland (2019) Documentary, Macedonia
11/02/2020 Membership Committee Meeting
11/02/2020 Chill & Chat (November 2)
11/02/2020 North Shore Outdoors: Flick Park Walk & Talk
11/01/2020 Walk & Talk: Streeterville (November 1)
10/31/2020 Walkathon Mileage Submission #4 (October 31)
10/31/2020 IWA Walkathon Halloween Celebration
10/31/2020 Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (October 31)
10/31/2020 IWA Protective Face Mask
10/30/2020 The MacTutor Virtual Learning Series IV
10/29/2020 BRAVE(ish) - A Memoir of a Recovering Perfectionist, by Expat and IWA Member Margaret Davis Ghielmetti
10/28/2020 Technology Tips for All Devices: How to Stay Safe Online
10/28/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (October 28)
10/26/2020 Chill & Chat (October 26)
10/26/2020 North Shore Meet & Greet Outdoors: Harms Woods-North Walk & Talk
10/25/2020 Walkathon Mileage Submission #3 (October 25)
10/24/2020 Walk & Talk: Streeterville (October 24)
10/21/2020 Asia-Pacific, European and Turkish Culture Joint Program: The Silk Roads Part III
10/20/2020 Virtual Evening Meet & Greet (October 20)
10/20/2020 Board of Directors Meeting, October 2020 (by invitation only)
10/19/2020 Chill & Chat (October 19)
10/19/2020 North Shore Meet & Greet OUTDOORS: Glencoe Beach Walk and Talk
10/18/2020 Walkathon Mileage Submission #2 (October 18)
10/18/2020 Walk & Talk: Streeterville (October 18)
10/17/2020 Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (October 17)
10/16/2020 Literature Discussion: The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston
10/15/2020 Walking Tour of Rosehill Cemetery
10/14/2020 Wednesday Walk & Talk: River Walk - Lake Shore/ DuSable Harbor
10/14/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (October 14)
10/12/2020 Chill & Chat (October 12)
10/12/2020 North Shore Meet and Greet OUTDOORS: Fall Pumpkinfest at Didier Farms
10/12/2020 Columbus/Indigenous Peoples' Day (IWA Remote Office Closed)
10/11/2020 Walkathon Mileage Submission #1 (October 11)
10/11/2020 Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (October 11)
10/10/2020 Walk & Talk: Streeterville (October 10)
10/09/2020 The MacTutor Virtual Learning Series III
10/08/2020 Film Discussion: "Pain and Glory" (Informal Discussion)
10/07/2020 CLA All Chairs Meeting, Fall 2020
10/06/2020 Virtual Evening Meet & Greet (October 6)
10/06/2020 French Language (in French): Quel est un de vos héros?/Who is one of your heroes?
10/05/2020 North Shore Meet & Greet Outdoors: Sunrise Beach Lake Bluff Walk
10/05/2020 Chill & Chat (October 5)
10/04/2020 Walk & Talk: Streeterville (October 4)
10/03/2020 Chicago Botanic Garden Outing (Glencoe, IL)
10/03/2020 Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (October 3)
10/01/2020 IWA Walkathon Fundraiser
09/30/2020 Founder's Circle Appreciation Evening Cocktail Reception
09/30/2020 Wednesday Walk & Talk: River Walk - Lake Shore/ DuSable Harbor
09/30/2020 New Member Orientation
09/29/2020 Global Dialogue: Child Health in the US: Bridging the Gap
09/28/2020 Patron Appreciation Tea
09/28/2020 North Shore Meet & Greet Outdoors: Skokie Lagoons Chat and/or Walk
09/28/2020 Chill & Chat (September 28)
09/27/2020 Walk & Talk and Picnic at Lincoln Park
09/26/2020 Walk & Talk: Streeterville (September 26)
09/25/2020 IWA Walk & Talk Bloomington/606 Trail
09/24/2020 Sponsor Appreciation Tea
09/23/2020 Global Dialogue: Women of Ancient Egypt with Brian Smith
09/22/2020 Virtual Evening Meet & Greet (September 22)
09/22/2020 Asia-Pacific Culture and Film Discussion Joint Program: Discussion of "American Factory" (2019 Documentary)
09/21/2020 North Shore Meet and Greet Outdoors: Long Field Park Chat and/or Walk
09/21/2020 Member Engagement Program: "Chill & Chat" (September 21)
09/20/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (September 20)
09/19/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (September 19)
09/18/2020 Literature Discussion: The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson
09/17/2020 International Dining/Membership Virtual Zoom Dinner
09/16/2020 Asia-Pacific, European, and Turkish Culture Joint Program: Silk Roads Part II
09/16/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (September 16)
09/15/2020 Board of Directors Meeting, September 2020 (by invitation only)
09/14/2020 North Shore Meet & Greet (September 2020)
09/14/2020 Member Engagement Program: "Chill & Chat" (September 14)
09/13/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (September 13)
09/12/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (September 12)
09/10/2020 IWA Outdoor Picnic!
09/08/2020 Modern Professional: Is Your Financial House in Order?
09/07/2020 Labor Day - IWA Remote Office Closed
09/06/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (September 6)
09/05/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (September 5)
09/02/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (September 2)
09/01/2020 French Language: Un film qui m’a plu. / A favorite movie of mine
08/31/2020 CANCELED Member Engagement Program: "Chill & Chat" (August 31)
08/30/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (August 30)
08/29/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (August 29)
08/28/2020 North Shore Meet and Greet (August 2020)
08/27/2020 IWA Thursday Morning Golf (August 27)
08/26/2020 Member Engagement Program: River of Life
08/25/2020 Virtual Evening Meet & Greet (August 25)
08/25/2020 Asia-Pacific Culture: August Celebration and Concert
08/23/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (August 23)
08/22/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (August 22)
08/21/2020 Literature Discussion: Apartment in Athens by Glenway Wescott
08/20/2020 IWA Thursday Morning Golf (August 20)
08/19/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (August 19)
08/18/2020 Virtual Board of Directors Meeting, August 2020 (by invitation only)
08/17/2020 Member Engagement Program: "Chill & Chat" (August 17)
08/16/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (August 16)
08/15/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (August 15)
08/13/2020 IWA Thursday Morning Golf (August 13)
08/11/2020 Modern Professional: Lost in Translation: 3 Secrets to Successfully Communicate in Times of Chaos and Uncertainty
08/09/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (August 9)
08/08/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (August 8)
08/06/2020 International Dining/Membership Virtual Zoom Dinner (Bring Your Own Dinner!)
08/05/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (August 5)
08/03/2020 Member Engagement Program: "Chill & Chat"
08/02/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (August 2)
08/01/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (August 1)
07/31/2020 Living Room Conversations: The Search for Purpose
07/28/2020 Virtual Evening Meet & Greet (July 28)
07/28/2020 Asia-Pacific Culture Program: From Majority to Minority - the Journey Every Asian Immigrant has in the United States
07/26/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (July 26)
07/25/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (July 25)
07/24/2020 Member Engagement Program: Discussion of the Bollywood Film 3 Idiots
07/22/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (July 22)
07/21/2020 Living Room Conversations: Peacebuilding in the United States
07/20/2020 Performing Arts: Virtual Discussion of Amadeus by Peter Shaffer
07/19/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (July 19)
07/18/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (July 18)
07/17/2020 Literature Discussion: News of the World by Paulette Jiles
07/16/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Fulton Market District (July 16)
07/14/2020 Virtual Evening Meet & Greet (July 14)
07/14/2020 Living Room Conversations: America We Want to Be: Founding Aspirations
07/14/2020 Virtual Board of Directors Meeting, July 2020 (by invitation only)
07/12/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (July 12)
07/11/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (July 11)
07/10/2020 Membership/International Dining Zoom Lunch (Bring Your Own Lunch!)
07/09/2020 CANCELED: IWA Walk & Talk: Fulton Market District (July 9)
07/08/2020 Virtual Morning Meet & Greet (July 8)
07/07/2020 French Language (in FRENCH): Un livre qui m’a plu / A favorite book of mine
06/30/2020 CANCELED: Virtual Evening Meet and Greet (June 30)
06/30/2020 POSTPONED Global Dialogue: Traveling Through Nicaragua with Catherine de la Chaussee - Revisited
06/28/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Streeterville (June 28)
06/27/2020 IWA Walk & Talk: Lincoln Park (June 27)
06/25/2020 Virtual Pop-Up Program: Is Your Life in Balance?
06/24/2020 Virtual Morning Meet and Greet (June 24)
06/22/2020 Asia Pacific and European Culture Joint Program: Travel Around China with IWA Member Catherine de la Chaussee
06/19/2020 The MacTutor Virtual Learning Series, Session II
06/19/2020 Virtual Literature Discussion: Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie
06/17/2020 Virtual Asia-Pacific and European Culture Program: The Silk Roads
06/16/2020 Virtual Evening Meet and Greet (June 16)
06/12/2020 Virtual Film Discussion: Baran
06/11/2020 Virtual "Pop Up" Program: A Light Meditation with Sheree Franklin
06/10/2020 Virtual Morning Meet and Greet (June 10)
06/09/2020 Virtual Board of Directors Meeting, June 2020 (by invitation only)
06/08/2020 European Culture Program: Virtual Tour of Bali
06/04/2020 Virtual Membership Committee Meeting
06/04/2020 Virtual Global Dialogue Program: Traveling Through Nicaragua with Catherine de la Chaussee
06/02/2020 Virtual Evening Meet and Greet (June 2)
06/02/2020 Virtual French Language Program (in French): Our Creative Sparks!
05/28/2020 Virtual Spanish Language Program (in ENGLISH): A Virtual Walk Through Spain
05/27/2020 Virtual Morning Meet and Greet (May 27)
05/26/2020 IWA's Virtual Cocktail Party & Kickoff to the Online Fundraising Silent Auction
05/25/2020 Memorial Day - IWA Office CLOSED
05/22/2020 Virtual Literature Discussion: "Flights" by Olga Tokarczuk
05/20/2020 Virtual International Dining Program: Sourdough Bread Making - Quick & Effortless
05/19/2020 Virtual Evening Meet and Greet (May 19)
05/13/2020 Virtual Morning Meet and Greet (May 13)
05/12/2020 Virtual Program: Modern Professional and English-Speaking World
05/08/2020 The MacTutor Virtual Learning Series
05/06/2020 Virtual Film Discussion: Shoplifters (Discussion)
05/05/2020 Virtual Evening Meet and Greet (May 5)
05/05/2020 Virtual French Language Program: Vive le Printemps! A Spring Get-Together
05/01/2020 Virtual Pop Up Program: Covid Lockdown: What's The Opportunity?
04/29/2020 Virtual Morning Meet and Greet
04/28/2020 Virtual Asia-Pacific Culture Program: From a Small Town to a World-Class City
04/23/2020 Virtual Film Discussion: IWA Movie Chat
04/22/2020 Virtual New Member Morning Coffee (by invitation)
04/21/2020 Virtual Board of Directors Meeting, April 2020 (by invitation only)
04/20/2020 Virtual Evening Meet and Greet - Monday, April 20, 2020
04/14/2020 Zoom Meet and Greet - Tuesday, April 14, 2020
04/06/2020 April 2020 Virtual North Shore "Meet & Greet"
04/02/2020 April 2020 Virtual Evening "Meet & Greet"
04/01/2020 April 2020 Virtual Morning "Meet & Greet"
03/12/2020 WEX Committee Meeting, March 2020
03/12/2020 Hellenic Culture: The Ethnic Identity of Second and Third+ Generation Greek Americans Today
03/11/2020 Mah Jongg, March 2020
03/10/2020 Modern Professionals: How Photographic Narratives Can Influence Social Change
03/10/2020 Gala Committee Meeting, March 2020
03/10/2020 Admin/Staff Meeting
03/09/2020 North Shore Meet and Greet, March 2020
03/09/2020 Basic Social Bridge, March 2020 Session #2
03/06/2020 AV Discussion Meeting (Gala)
03/06/2020 Website Discussion Meeting
03/05/2020 2020 International Women's Day Celebration
03/04/2020 Philanthropy Committee Meeting
03/04/2020 March 2020 Chicago Meet & Greet
03/03/2020 Scholarship Committee Meeting
03/03/2020 French Language: Discussion of the French film "Gemma Bovery" (in French)
03/02/2020 Basic Social Bridge, March 2020 Session #1
03/02/2020 Nominating Committee Meeting
03/02/2020 Performing Arts: Top Girls (Caryl Churchill)
02/28/2020 International Dining: Lunch Buffet at The Indian Garden Restaurant
02/27/2020 German Language (in GERMAN): Herz im Exil
02/26/2020 February 2020 Monthly Mailing
02/25/2020 CANCELED Arabic Culture: A Tale of a Hidden Beauty
02/24/2020 Turkish & European Culture Joint Program: Revival of the Ancient Silk Road: Turkey's Middle Corridor Initiative
02/21/2020 Membership Committee Meeting
02/21/2020 Literature Discussion: The End of Loneliness (Benedict Wells)
02/20/2020 Insider Chicago: Contemporary Dance Class at Visceral Dance Studio
02/20/2020 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, February 2020
02/19/2020 Spanish Language (in ENGLISH): Honduras Su Riqueza y Crisis/Honduras, Its Wealth and Crisis
02/19/2020 Mah Jongg, February 2020
02/18/2020 February 2020 Evening Meet & Greet
02/18/2020 February 2020 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
02/17/2020 Presidents' Day - IWA Office CLOSED
02/14/2020 Swift School Book Distribution, February 2020
02/13/2020 CANCELED - Hellenic Culture: The Ethnic Identity of Second and Third+ Generation Greek Americans Today
02/12/2020 English-Speaking World: The African Union
02/11/2020 Modern Professionals: Communication/Generation Gap
02/11/2020 Gala Committee Meeting, February 2020
02/10/2020 CANCELED - Basic Social Bridge, February 2020 Session #2
02/10/2020 North Shore Meet and Greet, February 2020
02/08/2020 Global Dialogue: Free Musical Performance by The Newberry Consort and Pifaro in partnership with International House, University of Chicago
02/07/2020 CLA All Chairs Meetings
02/06/2020 February SPOTLIGHT Film Discussion: The Mid-Wife (Martin Provost)
02/05/2020 Pre-Gala Program: Film Viewing of “A Tale of Samurai Cooking – A True Love Story"
02/05/2020 February 2020 Chicago Meet & Greet
02/04/2020 Asian-Pacific Culture and French Language Joint Program: A Trip To Fiji
02/03/2020 Basic Social Bridge, February 2020 Session #1
02/03/2020 Performing Arts: Roe (Lisa Loomer)
01/30/2020 January 2020 New Member Morning Coffee (by Invitation)
01/29/2020 January 2020 Monthly Mailing
01/28/2020 Asian-Pacific Culture: Asian-Inspired Superfood Breakfast and Healthy Lifestyle
01/27/2020 European Culture: Myanmar Revisited by Catherine de la Chaussee from France
01/24/2020 Pre-Gala Program: A Visit to the Japan Information Center
01/23/2020 German Language (in ENGLISH): Living in East Ukraine
01/22/2020 January 2020 New Member Orientation
01/21/2020 NEW! January 2020 EVENING Meet & Greet
01/21/2020 January 2020 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
01/17/2020 Literature Discussion: A Woman of No Importance (Sonia Purnell)
01/16/2020 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, January 2020
01/15/2020 Mah Jongg, January 2020
01/14/2020 Modern Professionals: The Perfect Hue at Blowtique Salon
01/14/2020 Gala Committee Meeting, January 2020
01/14/2020 French Language: La Galette des Rois (in FRENCH)
01/13/2020 Beginner Bridge, January 2020
01/13/2020 North Shore Meet and Greet, January 2020
01/10/2020 Turkish Culture: Turkish "Henna Night"
01/09/2020 Film Discussion: Cold War (Film Viewing)
01/08/2020 English-Speaking World and European Culture: How the Spice Trade Changed the World
12/23/2019 Holidays - IWA OFFICE CLOSED
12/20/2019 Literature Discussion: The Cook (Maylis de Kerangal)
12/19/2019 December 2019 Monthly Mailing
12/19/2019 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, December 2019
12/18/2019 Try Out A New Interest Area - Mah Jongg! (December 2019)
12/17/2019 Global Dialogue: A Moroccan Experience
12/16/2019 Spanish Language (in ENGLISH): Holiday Concert and Luncheon
12/14/2019 European Culture: "Holiday Performance: Christmas Comes But Once a Year"
12/12/2019 Nominations Committee Meeting (by invitation)
12/11/2019 Insider Chicago: Jewelry Making Workshop at Beadniks
12/10/2019 Modern Professionals: A Woman of Research - "Globalization is Older than You Think"
12/10/2019 Gala Committee Meeting, December 2019
12/10/2019 December 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
12/09/2019 Beginner Bridge, December 2019
12/09/2019 December 2019 North Shore Meet and Greet
12/05/2019 Film Discussion: Never Look Away (Discussion)
12/04/2019 IWA Holiday Party 2019
12/04/2019 December 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
12/03/2019 French Language: Party des Fêtes (in French)
12/02/2019 Hellenic Culture and Performing Arts Joint Program: Oedipus Rex DISCUSSION
11/28/2019 Thanksgiving 2019 - OFFICE CLOSED
11/27/2019 November 2019 Monthly Mailing
11/25/2019 CANCELED - Global Dialogue: Senegal Explored
11/22/2019 International Dining: The Gundis Kurdish Kitchen
11/21/2019 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, November 2019
11/20/2019 November 2019 New Member Orientation
11/20/2019 Try Out A New Interest Area - Mah Jongg! (November 2019)
11/19/2019 Turkish Culture: "Equus - Story of the Horse" Film Viewing
11/19/2019 November 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
11/18/2019 Young Professional Brainstorming Meeting
11/18/2019 IWA Renewal Mailing - Volunteer Opportunity
11/17/2019 Hellenic Culture: Oedipus Rex at The Court Theatre
11/15/2019 Literature Discussion: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
11/14/2019 IWA Founder's Circle and Patron Appreciation Tea
11/13/2019 IWA Sponsor Appreciation Tea, Fall 2019
11/13/2019 English-Speaking World: The Writing Process with Heather Refetoff
11/12/2019 Modern Professionals: Inside Look at the Shedd Aquarium
11/12/2019 Gala Committee Meeting, November 2019
11/11/2019 Beginner Bridge, November 2019
11/11/2019 November 2019 North Shore Meet and Greet
11/08/2019 RAFFLE TICKETS - 2019 IWA Woman Extraordinaire Award Celebration Honoring Amy Maglio
11/08/2019 2019 IWA Woman Extraordinaire Award Celebration Honoring Amy Maglio
11/06/2019 Asian Culture and Film Discussion Joint Program: Ramen Shop (Film Viewing)
11/06/2019 November 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
11/05/2019 European Culture and French Language Joint Program: The French Clarinet in Chicago
11/04/2019 Performing Arts: Bernhardt/Hamlet (Therese Rebeck)
10/30/2019 October 2019 Monthly Mailing
10/29/2019 IWA All Member Evening Social
10/29/2019 English-Speaking World: Idioms and Other Oddities of the English Language
10/26/2019 October Spotlight Program: European Culture
10/25/2019 October 2019 Insider Chicago: National Museum of Mexican Art Guided Tour of Day of the Dead Exhibit
10/25/2019 International Dining: Lunch at Taqueria Los Comales Mexican Restaurant
10/22/2019 Asian Culture Program/Pre-Gala Event: Japanese Tea Ceremony Tasting and Origami
10/21/2019 IWA Dinner: Spaghetti and Meatballs at Pinstripes Bistro
10/21/2019 Global Dialogue: Health Care for All - Strengths and Weaknesses
10/18/2019 Spanish Language: An Evening of Spanish Art
10/18/2019 Literature Discussion: Lovers at the Chameleon Club by Francine Prose
10/17/2019 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, October 2019
10/16/2019 Try Out A New Interest Area - Mah Jongg! (October 2019)
10/15/2019 October 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
10/14/2019 Beginner Bridge, October 2019
10/14/2019 October 2019 North Shore Meet and Greet
10/10/2019 Asian Culture Pop Up Program: "The Attorney" at AMC River East
10/10/2019 Hellenic Culture: Believing in Spiritual and Non-Spiritual Signs
10/08/2019 Modern Professionals: A Critical Evaluation of the Idea of Neighborhood
10/08/2019 Gala Committee Meeting, October 2019
10/07/2019 Global Dialogue: Global Health Defined
10/07/2019 Performing Arts: Howard's End (Douglas Post, based on the novel by E.M. Forster)
10/04/2019 Knit and Chat, October 2019
10/03/2019 Film Discussion: Bashu, the Little Stranger (Film Viewing)
10/03/2019 CLA Meeting (by invitation)
10/02/2019 October 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
10/01/2019 French Language (in French): Our Ancestors Have Helped Make Us Who We Are
09/28/2019 Global Dialogue: Hyde Park Jazz Fest Concert
09/27/2019 International Dining: Cafe Istanbul Mediterranean Grill (Turkish/Mediterranean)
09/26/2019 German Language (in German): Nambia. Ein afrikanisches Land mit deutschen Sitten.
09/25/2019 Asian Culture: Travel with French Lady to Myanmar
09/25/2019 September 2019 Monthly Mailing
09/23/2019 Turkish Culture: World Famous Turkish Coffee and Kazandibi Dessert
09/21/2019 IWA Pop-Up Program: Mapping the Rise and Fall of Civilizations in Art
09/20/2019 Literature Discussion: Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pym
09/19/2019 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, September 2019
09/18/2019 September 2019 New Member Orientation
09/18/2019 English-Speaking World: Tariffs and Trade - Global Trade Tensions
09/17/2019 September 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
09/16/2019 IWA Celebrates Margaret MacDougall's 100th Birthday!
09/14/2019 September 2019 Insider Chicago: Walking Tour of Graceland Cemetery
09/12/2019 Film Discussion: The Cakemaker (Film Viewing)
09/12/2019 Hellenic Culture: Greece—A Moment of Excellence
09/11/2019 September 2019 New Member Morning Coffee
09/10/2019 Modern Professional: Behind-the-Scene of Intuit, Intuitive and Outsider Art
09/10/2019 Gala Committee Meeting, September 2019
09/09/2019 Beginner Bridge, September 2019
09/09/2019 September 2019 North Shore Meet and Greet
09/06/2019 French Language (in French): Fall Get-Together
09/04/2019 September 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
09/03/2019 IWA Name Badge Sale, FALL 2019
09/02/2019 Labor Day (Office Closed)
08/29/2019 August 29th Spotlight: Turkish Culture and Modern Professional Joint Program
08/28/2019 Summer International Potluck Dinner
08/27/2019 August 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
08/27/2019 Asian Culture and International Dining Joint Program: Annual Celebration Luncheon
08/21/2019 August 2019 Membership Committee Meeting
08/16/2019 Literature Discussion: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
08/15/2019 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, August 2019
08/13/2019 Gala Committee Meeting, August 2019
08/12/2019 August 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet - Summer Italian Dinner
08/10/2019 August 10, 2019 Insider Chicago and Modern Professional Joint Program
08/07/2019 August 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
08/05/2019 Performing Arts: True West (Sam Shepard)
07/31/2019 Pop-Up Invitation to a FREE Movie Screening of "The Kitchen" and Reception
07/28/2019 North Shore Meet and Greet & European Culture Joint Program: July Concert at Ravinia
07/26/2019 International Dining: Red Apple Buffet (Polish)
07/23/2019 Asian Culture: Hong Kong Milk Tea Magical Adventure
07/20/2019 Literature Discussion Summer Potluck: “Last Bus to Wisdom” by Ivan Doig
07/18/2019 Advanced/Intermediate Bridge, July 2019
07/09/2019 Modern Professional: Tuesdays on the Terrace at the Museum of Contemporary Art
07/08/2019 Beginner Bridge, July 2019
07/08/2019 July 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet
06/28/2019 International Dining: Bourbon Cafe (Serbian)
06/28/2019 Insider Chicago: Tour of Old Town School of Folk Music
06/27/2019 German Language (in German): Gerhard Richter, German Visual Artist
06/26/2019 June 2019 Monthly Mailing
06/25/2019 Asian Culture: Annual Planning Coffee and Tea
06/24/2019 European Culture: Handling Change Mindfully, with Yasemin Tunc
06/21/2019 Literature Discussion: Song of a Captive Bird by Jasmin Darznik
06/20/2019 Bridge, June 2019
06/17/2019 IWA Friendship Dinner
06/14/2019 Culture in a Suitcase Volunteer Opportunity!
06/11/2019 2019 IWA Annual Meeting and Luncheon
06/10/2019 Beginner Bridge, June 2019
06/10/2019 June 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet
06/07/2019 Knit and Chat, June 2019
06/06/2019 Film Discussion: The Song of Sparrows
06/05/2019 June 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
06/04/2019 French Culture (in FRENCH): End of the year “piquenique”
06/04/2019 June 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
06/03/2019 Performing Arts: Bloomsday (Steven Dietz)
05/29/2019 May 2019 All Member Evening Social
05/29/2019 May Spotlight: Turkish and Asian Culture Joint Program
05/29/2019 May 2019 Monthly Mailing
05/24/2019 International Dining: Sayat Nova (Armenian)
05/23/2019 German Language (in German): Stimmen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Ueberleben im Nachkrieg Tonaufnahmen von 1946 bis Juni 1948. Mit folgender Diskussion
05/22/2019 May 2019 New Member Orientation
05/21/2019 May 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
05/20/2019 Spanish Language (In English): Guatemala Presentation by Catherine de la Chaussee
05/17/2019 Literature Discussion: Warlight by Michael Ondaatje
05/16/2019 Bridge, May 2019
05/15/2019 ESW and European Culture Joint Program: BREXIT and Beyond
05/14/2019 Global Dialogue: Reading Between the Lines
05/13/2019 May 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet
05/13/2019 Beginner Bridge, May 2019
05/09/2019 Insider Chicago/Hellenic Culture: Chimpanzee Innovation and Social Learning at Lincoln Park Zoo
05/07/2019 French Culture: Book Discussion, "Chanson Douce" by Leïla Slimani
05/06/2019 Performing Arts: Hannah and Martin (Kate Fodor)
05/04/2019 Asian Culture MAY SPOTLIGHT Program: “A Grand Night for Chinese Singing and Dancing”
05/03/2019 Knit and Chat, May 2019
05/02/2019 Film Discussion: Things to Come (L'Avenir)
05/01/2019 May 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
04/26/2019 International Dining: Noon-O-Kabab (Persian)
04/25/2019 April 2019 Membership Committee Meeting
04/25/2019 German Language: Rundgang und Gespraech in und ueber die German International School Chicago
04/24/2019 April 2019 Monthly Mailing
04/23/2019 Asian Culture: Mah Jong - Unraveling the Mystery of the Tiles
04/19/2019 CANCELED - Literature Discussion: Pachinko (Min Jin Lee)
04/18/2019 Bridge, April 2019
04/16/2019 April 2019 Philanthropy Committee Meeting
04/16/2019 April 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
04/12/2019 TICKETS AND SPONSORSHIPS FOR THE 2019 IWA Fundraising Gala ~ Brasil, Ritmos e Cores ~
04/08/2019 April 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet
04/05/2019 April 2019 New Member Morning Coffee (by invitation)
04/04/2019 Film Discussion: The Rider
04/03/2019 April 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
04/02/2019 European Culture, ESW, and French Language Joint Program: Dance Around The World
04/01/2019 Performing Arts: Sweat (Lynn Nottage)
03/29/2019 Turkish Culture: I FLOW LIKE WATER
03/28/2019 German Language (in English): China, A Challenge In Our Global World
03/27/2019 RESCHEDULED - March 2019 New Member Orientation
03/27/2019 March 2019 Monthly Mailing
03/26/2019 Asian Culture: "Show Me Your Love" Film Screening/Chicago Premiere
03/22/2019 International Dining: Vietnamese (Le Colonial)
03/21/2019 March 2019 Insider Chicago: Visceral Dance Chicago
03/21/2019 Bridge, March 2019
03/20/2019 Global Dialogue: A Gorilla Trek to Rwanda
03/19/2019 March 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
03/18/2019 Film Discussion + Spanish Language Joint Program: Even the Rain (Film Viewing, in English)
03/15/2019 Hellenic Culture: The Invisible Gods on the Parthenon Frieze
03/15/2019 Literature Discussion: The Association of Small Bombs (Karan Mahajan)
03/14/2019 Samba Lesson II - March 14, 6 p.m. Session
03/13/2019 English-Speaking World: The US Government Accountability Office
03/12/2019 Modern Professional: Social Media 101: An Interactive Evening
03/11/2019 Beginner Bridge, March 2019
03/11/2019 March 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet
03/08/2019 March 8, 2019 - International Women's Day Celebration!
03/06/2019 March 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
03/05/2019 French Language: Potluck (in French)
03/04/2019 Samba Lesson I - March 4, 3 p.m. Session
03/04/2019 Performing Arts: The Father (Florian Zeller)
03/01/2019 Knit and Chat, March 2019
02/28/2019 German Language (in GERMAN): Kein Liebesbrief von Peter Ruehmkorf
02/27/2019 February 2019 All Member Evening Social
02/27/2019 February 2019 Monthly Mailing
02/26/2019 Asian Culture: Ink, Color, and Chinese Brush
02/25/2019 European Culture: What's Truly Healthy Anyways, These Days?"
02/23/2019 Turkish Culture: Screening of The Wild Pear Tree (Ahlat Ağacı)
02/22/2019 Pre-Gala Event: Dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse
02/21/2019 Bridge, February 2019
02/20/2019 Global Dialogue: Rumi's Theology of Love: A Poetic and a Mode of Seeing
02/19/2019 February 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
02/18/2019 Nominations Committee Meeting (by invitation)
02/18/2019 Spanish Language (in English): Trip to La Unica
02/16/2019 Joffrey Ballet Chicago, February 16, 2 p.m. Performance of Anna Karenina dedicated to Doe Thornburg
02/15/2019 Literature Discussion: Katalin Street by Magda Szabo
02/14/2019 Hellenic Culture: Jenna K. Nikolaides on Toxicology
02/14/2019 Swift School Book Distribution, February 2019
02/13/2019 The Father (Florian Zeller) at Remy Bumppo Theatre
02/13/2019 Membership Committee Meeting
02/13/2019 CLA All Chairs Meeting (by Invitation)
02/12/2019 Gala Committee Meeting
02/12/2019 Development Committee Meeting
02/11/2019 Beginner Bridge, February 2019
02/11/2019 February 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet
02/11/2019 Scholarship Committee Meeting
02/07/2019 Film Discussion: Molly's Game (Discussion)
02/07/2019 Philanthropy Committee Meeting
02/06/2019 ESW & Modern Professional Joint Program
02/06/2019 February 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
02/05/2019 SPOTLIGHT PROGRAM: French Language (in ENGLISH): The Battle of Hernani
02/04/2019 Nominations Committee Meeting (by Invitation)
02/04/2019 Performing Arts: Cardboard Piano (Hansol Jung)
02/01/2019 Finance Committee Meeting (Reschedule from 1/31)
02/01/2019 Knit and Chat, February 2019
02/01/2019 January 2019 Monthly Mailing - RESCHEDULED
01/31/2019 RESCHEDULED for 2/1/19 - Finance Committee Meeting
01/30/2019 RESCHEDULED FOR 2/1/19 - January Monthly Mailing
01/29/2019 January 2019 New Member Morning Coffee
01/25/2019 International Dining: Russian Tea Time
01/24/2019 French and German Language Joint Program (in English) : Sailing Across 5 Seas of Indonesia
01/23/2019 January 2019 New Member Orientation (By Invitation)
01/22/2019 Asian Culture & Literature Joint Program
01/21/2019 Nominations Committee Meeting (by invitation)
01/17/2019 Bridge, January 2019
01/16/2019 Gala Committee Meeting
01/15/2019 January 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
01/14/2019 Beginner Bridge, January 2019
01/14/2019 January 2019 North Shore Meet & Greet
01/11/2019 Film Discussion & Turkish Culture Joint Program
01/10/2019 Hellenic Culture: Readings From Maria Henely's Book
01/09/2019 ESW: Honoring Allied Participation in the French Resistance
01/02/2019 CANCELED - January 2019 Chicago Meet & Greet
12/31/2018 New Year Holiday (Office Closed)
12/24/2018 Christmas Holiday (Office Closed)
12/20/2018 German Language (in German): Christmas Lunch at Elfie’s
12/20/2018 Bridge, December 2018
12/18/2018 December 2018 Monthly Mailing
12/17/2018 Spanish Language (in English): Musicians Club of Women Concert
12/15/2018 European Culture: A Baker Street Christmas Caper - SOLD OUT
12/14/2018 CANCELLED/TO BE RESCHEDULED Insider Chicago: Women Made Gallery Reception
12/11/2018 Modern Professional: Insights into Expatriation and Shopping at Kendra Scott Jewelry
12/11/2018 December 2018 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
12/10/2018 December 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
12/10/2018 Beginner Bridge, December 2018
12/08/2018 Polish Language (in Polish): Christmas Celebration
12/07/2018 SOLD OUT - Turkish Culture: Screening of "Ayla: Daughter of War" at Gene Siskel
12/07/2018 Knit and Chat, December 2018
12/06/2018 Film Discussion: Rust and Bone
12/05/2018 IWA Holiday Party 2018
12/05/2018 December 2018 Chicago Meet & Greet
12/04/2018 French Language (in French): Party des fêtes!
12/03/2018 Performing Arts: Master Class (Terrence McNally)
11/29/2018 Insider Chicago: UIC Children's Hospital Tour & Lunch
11/28/2018 November 2018 Monthly Mailing
11/27/2018 Spanish Language: Driehaus Museum Tour
11/22/2018 Thanksgiving Holiday (Office Closed)
11/16/2018 Literature: A Long, Long Way (Sebastian Barry)
11/15/2018 Bridge, November 2018
11/15/2018 Swift School Book Distribution
11/14/2018 ESW: Idioms and Other Oddities of the English Language
11/13/2018 Modern Professional: Finding Your Geography of Place
11/13/2018 November 2018 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
11/12/2018 November 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
11/12/2018 Beginner Bridge, November 2018
11/10/2018 Polish Language (in English): Reforming the Criminal Justice System
11/09/2018 Turkish Culture: Alternative/Holistic Health Strategies For Common Musculoskeletal Disorders
11/08/2018 Hellenic Culture & Insider Chicago Program
11/07/2018 November 2018 New Member Evening Welcome
11/07/2018 November 2018 Chicago Meet & Greet
11/06/2018 French Language: Discussion of "Jean de Florette"
11/05/2018 Performing Arts: Nell Gwynne (Jessica Swale)
11/02/2018 Knit and Chat, November 2018
11/01/2018 Film Discussion: Hearts Beat Loud
10/31/2018 October 2018 Monthly Mailing
10/30/2018 October 2018 New Member Orientation
10/29/2018 October 2018 Development Committee Meeting
10/25/2018 German Language: “Alfred & Agnes, the story of my Immigrant Parents”
10/24/2018 ESW: History of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East
10/19/2018 2018 WEX RAFFLE TICKETS
10/19/2018 2018 IWA Woman Extraordinaire Award Celebration Honoring Shermin Kruse
10/18/2018 Bridge, October 2018
10/17/2018 International Dining: German, The Berghoff Restaurant
10/16/2018 October 2018 Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
10/15/2018 CANCELED - Nominations Committee Meeting
10/14/2018 Arabic Culture: International Film Festival
10/13/2018 European Culture and Polish Language Joint Program
10/12/2018 Literature and Turkish Culture: Madonna in a Fur Coat, Sabahattin Ali
10/11/2018 Hellenic Culture: "Lives Afloat: The Greek Refugee Crisis"
10/10/2018 European Culture: Visit to Loro Piana
10/09/2018 Philanthropy Committee Meeting
10/09/2018 Finance Committee Meeting
10/08/2018 October 2018 Community Service meeting
10/08/2018 Beginner Bridge, October 2018
10/08/2018 October 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
10/05/2018 Knit and Chat, October 2018
10/03/2018 Asian Culture & Film Discussion: Asian Pop-Up Cinema
10/03/2018 October 2018 Chicago Meet & Greet
10/02/2018 French Language: "Les Faux Amis"
10/01/2018 Performing Arts: Downstate (Bruce Norris)
09/28/2018 International Dining: Turkish, Pera Turkish Kitchen and Bar
09/27/2018 German Language: Ein deutches kulinarisches Erlebnis
09/26/2018 September 2018 Monthly Mailing
09/25/2018 September 2018 ALL MEMBER Evening Social
09/21/2018 Literature: The Hare with Amber Eyes, Edmund de Waal
09/20/2018 Modern Professional and Turkish Culture Joint Program
09/20/2018 CANCELED - September 2018 Gala Meeting
09/20/2018 Bridge, September 2018
09/19/2018 CANCELED - September 2018 Development Committee Meeting
09/18/2018 September 2018 Board of Directors Meeting
09/17/2018 September 2018 New Member Afternoon Social
09/17/2018 Spanish Language: Fall and Pre-Winter Fashion Show
09/15/2018 Hellenic Culture: "Nick the Greek" at Greenhouse Theater
09/13/2018 Turkish Culture: 15th Annual Chicago Turkish Festival
09/12/2018 Doe Thornburg, IWA Founder, Celebration of Life
09/11/2018 French Language: Fall Get-Together
09/10/2018 September 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
09/10/2018 Beginner Bridge, September 2018
09/08/2018 Insider Chicago: Georg Jensen Exhibit Tour
09/07/2018 Knit and Chat, September 2018
09/06/2018 Asian Culture & Film Discussion: Air Hostess
09/05/2018 September 2018 Community Service meeting
09/05/2018 September 2018 Chicago Meet & Greet
09/04/2018 Board of Directors 2018-19 Kick-Off Meeting and Dinner
09/04/2018 Performing Arts: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Tennessee Williams)
09/03/2018 Labor Day (Office Closed)
08/29/2018 August 2018 Monthly Mailing
08/22/2018 CANCELED - August 2018 New Member Orientation
08/17/2018 Literature: Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shamnar
08/16/2018 Bridge, August 2018
08/14/2018 August 2018 Gala Meeting
08/14/2018 August 2018 WEX Meeting
08/13/2018 Beginner Bridge, August 2018
08/13/2018 August 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
08/11/2018 European Culture: Italian Opera Favorites
08/08/2018 Asian & European Culture Joint Program
08/08/2018 August 2018 New Member Evening Welcome
08/01/2018 August 2018 Chicago Meet & Greet
07/26/2018 German Language (in English): SC Johnson Campus Walking Tour
07/24/2018 Asian Culture & International Dining: Celebration Luncheon
07/21/2018 Literature: Annual Pot-luck Dinner/Discussion
07/19/2018 Bridge, July 2018
07/10/2018 Modern Professional: Tuesdays on the Terrace
07/09/2018 Beginner Bridge, July 2018
07/09/2018 July 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
07/04/2018 Independence Day (Office Closed)
07/02/2018 Performing Arts: Mies Julie (Yael Farber)
06/27/2018 European Culture: Classical Music Concert
06/27/2018 June Monthly Mailing
06/26/2018 Asian Culture Planning Meeting
06/22/2018 International Dining: Greek, Greek Islands
06/20/2018 June 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
06/19/2018 June 2018 New Member Orientation
06/18/2018 Spanish Language: End of the Year Meeting
06/16/2018 Polish Language: "Helping Women and Mother Nature"
06/15/2018 Literature: "Autumn" by Ali Smith
06/14/2018 Hellenic Culture: Planning for 2018-19 Programs
06/13/2018 Modern Professional: Summer Celebration!
06/12/2018 2018 IWA Annual Meeting and Luncheon
06/11/2018 Beginner Bridge, June 2018
06/08/2018 CANCELED: Turkish Culture: Holistic Health Strategies for MSDs
06/07/2018 June Spotlight, Film Viewing and Discussion: "The Salesman"
06/06/2018 June Chicago Meet & Greet
06/05/2018 French Language: End of the Year "Pique-Nique"
06/05/2018 June IWA Board of Directors Meeting
06/04/2018 Performing Arts: To Catch a Fish
06/01/2018 Knit and Chat, June 2018
05/30/2018 May Monthly Mailing
05/28/2018 Memorial Day (Office Closed)
05/25/2018 International Dining: Mexican, Frontera Grill
05/23/2018 May 2018 New Member Evening Welcome
05/22/2018 Asian Culture: A Taste of Music & Dance in Indonesia
05/21/2018 Spanish Language: Peruvian Mission
05/18/2018 Literature: "Pigs Have Wings" by P.G. Wodehouse
05/17/2018 Bridge, May 2018
05/15/2018 May IWA Board of Directors Meeting
05/14/2018 Turkish Culture: Zeugma Mosaics
05/14/2018 Beginner Bridge, May 2018
05/12/2018 Polish Language: Tatra Mountains, The Tradition, Music and Literature
05/10/2018 May Insider Chicago: Bronze Exhibit Tour
05/09/2018 English-Speaking World: Ten Easy Pieces
05/08/2018 May Spotlight: Joint Hellenic Culture & Modern Professional Program
05/07/2018 May Development Committee Meeting
05/07/2018 Performing Arts: Hang
05/04/2018 Knit and Chat, May 2018
05/03/2018 Film Discussion: "The Man Who Knew Infinity" Viewing
05/02/2018 May Chicago Meet & Greet
05/01/2018 French Language: Book Discussion, L'Enfant aux Cailloux" by Sophie Loubière
04/28/2018 2018 IWA China Fundraising Gala - April 28, 2018
04/27/2018 International Dining: French
04/26/2018 German Language: “Die Geschichte der schwarzen Perlen von Tahiti”
04/24/2018 April China Gala Committee Meeting II.
04/23/2018 April 2018 Insider Chicago: The Medieval World at Our Fingertips
04/20/2018 Literature: "At the Existentialist Café " by Sarah Bakewell
04/19/2018 Bridge, April 2018
04/18/2018 April Monthly Mailing
04/18/2018 Arabic Culture: "The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel"
04/17/2018 April IWA Board of Directors Meeting
04/16/2018 Spanish Language: Travels in Cuba with Catherine de La Chaussee
04/14/2018 Polish Language: The Republic of Mole Hill
04/12/2018 Turkish Culture: The Turks and Troy
04/12/2018 April China Gala Committee Meeting I.
04/12/2018 Hellenic Culture: Artist Diane Thodos
04/11/2018 English-Speaking World: A Westerner's View of Changes in Japan
04/10/2018 Modern Professionals: Private Tour, Chicago Women's Park & Gardens
04/09/2018 April 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
04/09/2018 Beginner Bridge, April 2018
04/06/2018 Knit and Chat, April 2018
04/05/2018 Film Discussion: "The Big Sick" Viewing
04/05/2018 April 2018 New Member Morning Coffee
04/04/2018 April Chicago Meet & Greet
04/03/2018 French Language: The Last Trip of Robert Cavelier de la Salle
04/02/2018 Performing Arts: Mary Stuart
03/30/2018 RESCHEDULED Turkish Culture: Holistic Health Strategies for MSDs
03/29/2018 International Dining: Thai
03/28/2018 March Monthly Mailing
03/27/2018 March China Gala Committee Meeting II.
03/27/2018 Asian Culture: Chinese Cuture and Dining Etiquette Session
03/26/2018 European Culture: Fire Safety & Preparedness
03/22/2018 German Language: "Morgen spielen wir Schwestern"
03/21/2018 Arabic Culture: The Book of the Dead Lecture & Exhibit Tour
03/20/2018 March 2018 New Member Orientation
03/20/2018 March IWA Board of Directors Meeting
03/19/2018 Film Discussion & Spanish Language: "Wild Tales"
03/16/2018 Literature: "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles
03/15/2018 March China Gala Committee Meeting I.
03/15/2018 Bridge, March 2018
03/14/2018 English-Speaking World: Idioms & Other Oddities of the English Language
03/13/2018 Modern Professionals: Fashion At Auction
03/12/2018 March 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
03/12/2018 Beginner Bridge, March 2018
03/10/2018 MARCH SPOTLIGHT Polish Language: Kosciuszko Bicentennial Exhibit
03/08/2018 March 8th - International Women's Day Celebration!
03/08/2018 Hellenic Culture: Dr. Ted Anton, The Search for Longevity
03/07/2018 March Chicago Meet & Greet
03/06/2018 French Language: "Marcel Proust, from snob, to lover to artist"
03/05/2018 March Development Committee Meeting
03/05/2018 Performing Arts: Blind Date
03/02/2018 Knit and Chat, March 2018
02/28/2018 February Monthly Mailing
02/27/2018 February 2018 New Member Evening Welcome
02/27/2018 February China Gala Committee Meeting II.
02/26/2018 European Culture: Civic Orchestra of Chicago
02/23/2018 International Dining: Ethiopian
02/22/2018 German Language: Anselm Kiefer Presentation
02/21/2018 IWA Gala Invitation Mailing, Part 3
02/21/2018 Arabic Culture: The Jews of Egypt (Documentary)
02/20/2018 Turkish Culture: Yenikapi Byzantine Sunken Ship Project
02/20/2018 February IWA Board of Directors Meeting
02/19/2018 Spanish Language: Tango Time!
02/19/2018 IWA Gala Invitation Mailing, Part 2
02/16/2018 Literature: "Hillbilly Elegy" by J.D. Vance
02/15/2018 Bridge, February 2018
02/14/2018 ESW & Turkish Culture Joint Program: The Sultan & The Queen
02/13/2018 Modern Professionals: Women in Leadership
02/12/2018 Beginner Bridge, February 2018
02/12/2018 February 2018 North Shore Meet & Greet
02/10/2018 Polish Language: Tuning Forks
02/09/2018 Insider Chicago: A Jean-Louis Haguenauer Concert, "Tribute to Debussy"
02/08/2018 Chinese New Year Celebration
02/08/2018 IWA Gala Invitation Mailing
02/08/2018 Hellenic Culture: National Hellenic Museum Visit
02/07/2018 February Chicago Meet & Greet
02/06/2018 February China Gala Committee Meeting I.
02/05/2018 February Development Committee Meeting
02/05/2018 Performing Arts: "All My Sons"
02/02/2018 IWA Executive Board Meeting
02/01/2018 Film & French Joint Program: "Elle"
01/31/2018 International Women's Day Planning Meeting
01/31/2018 January Monthly Mailing
01/30/2018 CLA Chairs Meeting
01/29/2018 JANUARY SPOTLIGHT: Arabic & Turkish Culture Joint Program
01/26/2018 International Dining: Ukranian
01/25/2018 German Language: “Deutschland Aktuell”
01/25/2018 China Gala: Auction Sub Committee Meeting
01/24/2018 January 2018 New Member Welcome
01/23/2018 January China Gala Committee Meeting II.
01/23/2018 Asian & French Joint Program: "When French Pastries Meet Chinese Teas"
01/22/2018 Nominations Committee Meeting
01/22/2018 January 2018 Membership Committee Meeting
01/20/2018 Sushi & Sake 101, Gala Sign Up Event, Spots are Available!
01/19/2018 Literature: "Willful Disregard" by Lena Andersson
01/18/2018 Bridge, January 2018
01/17/2018 Arabic Culture: The Jews of Egypt, Part 1
01/16/2018 January 2018 New Member Orientation
01/16/2018 January IWA Board of Directors Meeting
01/15/2018 Spanish Language: Choco-Charla
01/13/2018 Polish Language: Polish Ballads with Zbigniew Plicinski
01/11/2018 Philanthropy Sub-Committee Meeting
01/11/2018 January China Gala Committee Meeting I.
01/10/2018 English-Speaking World: "International Adoptions"
01/09/2018 Modern Professionals: "Persistent Pain"
01/09/2018 January Development Committee Meeting
01/09/2018 IWA Name Badge Sale, Winter 2018
01/08/2018 Beginner Bridge
01/04/2018 Film Discussion: "Julieta"
12/21/2017 German Language:"Eine Weihnachtsfeier bei Hildegard"
12/21/2017 Bridge, December 2017
12/20/2017 Insider Chicago: The Great Fermentation
12/18/2017 Spanish Language: Musician Club Women's Concert
12/16/2017 European Culture: Holiday Performance, A Dream of Avon
12/15/2017 Literature: "Hag-Seed" by Margaret Atwood
12/14/2017 Hellenic Culture: Dr. Laura Calamos Nasir
12/13/2017 Arabic Culture: The Suez Canal
12/12/2017 Modern Professionals: Cultural Business Etiquette at Social Events
12/11/2017 Beginner Bridge, December 2017
12/09/2017 Polish Language: Christmas Celebration
12/07/2017 Film Discussion: "45 Hours"
12/06/2017 IWA Annual Holiday Party 2017
12/05/2017 French Language: Potluck Holiday Party
12/04/2017 Performing Arts: "Marie Christine"
11/30/2017 Pre-Gala Evening Gown Order Wine Reception
11/29/2017 Insider Chicago: "In the Hood" Exhibit at the Jackson Jung Gallery
11/17/2017 Asian Culture & Literature Joint Program: "Monkey: Folk Novel of China"
11/16/2017 German Language: Fire and Earth
11/16/2017 Bridge
11/13/2017 Beginner Bridge
11/10/2017 Turkish Culture: Remembering Atatürk
11/08/2017 Arabic Culture & ESW Joint Program: Stories of Refugee Women
11/07/2017 DONATIONS to 2017 WEX
11/07/2017 TICKETS AND SPONSORSHIP for the 2017 Woman Extraordinaire Event Honoring Kimberly Jung
11/06/2017 Performing Arts: "A View From The Bridge"
11/03/2017 Insider Chicago: "Then They Came for Me" Exhibit
11/02/2017 Film Discussion: "A Man Called Ove"
11/02/2017 French Language: From Animal Skins to Haute Couture
11/01/2017 IWA Name Badge Sale, Winter 2017
10/31/2017 Spanish Language: Visit to the National Museum of Mexican Art"
10/27/2017 Sponsor Member Afternoon Tea
10/27/2017 OCTOBER SPOTLIGHT PROGRAM: French Language & Insider Chicago
10/26/2017 German Language: Neue Ideen, Neue Programme
10/24/2017 Asian Culture: "Let's Roll the Korean Way!!"
10/23/2017 European Culture: "Let the Sunshine in" Film Viewing
10/20/2017 Patron & Founder's Circle Afternoon Tea
10/20/2017 Literature: "Hero of the Empire" by Candace Millard
10/19/2017 Bridge
10/16/2017 International Dining Program: Indian Lunch Buffet
10/13/2017 Turkish Culture: Noah's Pudding
10/12/2017 Hellenic Culture: Tour of the American Writers Museum
10/11/2017 Pre-Gala Program: Film Screening Presented by Asian Pop-Up Cinema
10/11/2017 English-Speaking World: Nina's Best Exotic India Memories
10/10/2017 Polish Language: Power of Identity
10/10/2017 Modern Professionals: Members Story Showcase & Pre-WEX Event
10/09/2017 Beginner Bridge
10/06/2017 International Gourmet Program Presents “Olé! Viva España!”
10/05/2017 Film Discussion: "Brooklyn"
10/04/2017 Knitting Program-NEW!!!
10/03/2017 China Gala Pop-Up Program, Ceramic and the Silk Road
10/02/2017 Performing Arts: "The Audience"
09/28/2017 German & Polish Language Joint Program
09/25/2017 European Culture: Pot-Luck Lunch
09/22/2017 Insider Chicago: GEMS World Academy Chicago Tour
09/21/2017 Bridge
09/20/2017 Arabic Culture: "The Two Million"
09/18/2017 Spanish Language: "How Do You Do?"
09/15/2017 Literature: "The Infatuations" by Javier Marias
09/14/2017 Hellenic Culture: "Thinking About Women and Gender in Athenian Drama"
09/12/2017 Modern Professionals: "The Body Message"
09/11/2017 Beginner Bridge
09/08/2017 Turkish Culture: Picturesque Istanbul
09/07/2017 Asian Culture & Film Discussion Joint Program: "A World Without Theives"
09/05/2017 French Language: Bring a Bibelot
08/19/2017 Literature: Potluck Dinner Meeting
08/17/2017 European Culture: Saints & Heroes, Art of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
08/07/2017 Performing Arts: "Ah, Wilderness"
08/02/2017 A 95th Birthday Celebration for IWA Founder, Doe Thornburg
07/27/2017 Asian Culture: Annual Dinner Celebration
07/23/2017 The International Gourmet Program “A South African Braaivleis” (Barbecue)
07/21/2017 Literature: "LaRose" by Louise Erdrich
07/20/2017 European Culture: Post-Gala Lawn Party at Ravinia
07/11/2017 Modern Professional & Pre-Wex Program
06/27/2017 Asian Culture: Yearly Planning Breakfast
06/22/2017 German Language: The German Harmonica & African-American Blues Culture
06/21/2017 European Culture: Classical Music at Jay Pritzker Pavilion
06/19/2017 Spanish Language: Planning Meeting
06/16/2017 Literature: "Citizens of London" by Lynn Olson
06/14/2017 2017 IWA Annual Meeting and Luncheon
06/13/2017 Modern Professionals: Women in Architecture (CANCELLED)
06/10/2017 Polish & Spanish Joint Program
06/09/2017 Turkish Culture: Live Classical Music & Raki Night
06/07/2017 IWA Woman Extraordinaire "Getting to Know You" Evening Event at Frontier
06/06/2017 French Language: Dinner at Chez Moi
06/05/2017 Performing Arts: "Great Expectations"
06/01/2017 Film Discussion: "Trumbo"
05/30/2017 Poetry, General Reading and Writing Salon
05/23/2017 Asian Culture: Private Tour of Ai Weiwei's Photo Activism
05/22/2017 European Culture: "My Life as a Diplomat"
05/20/2017 Insider Chicago, Goose Island Brewery Tour
05/19/2017 Literature: The Mersault Investigation
05/18/2017 German Language: May Program
05/17/2017 Arabic Culture & Film Discussion Joint Program: "The Square"
05/12/2017 Turkish Culture: Post-Gala Program on Language
05/10/2017 English Speaking World - Oldest World Cuisines
05/09/2017 Modern Professionals: Career Mobility
05/06/2017 Polish Language: Polish Constitution Day Parade
05/05/2017 TICKETS TO THE Gala ~ Suomi Finland 100 ~ Celebrating Together
05/02/2017 French Language: Café Conversation (in French)
05/01/2017 Performing Arts: "Linda Vista"
04/19/2017 Pre-Gala Event, A Finnish high-tech success story: SWAP.COM
04/12/2017 English Speaking World - Literacy Chicago
04/11/2017 Modern Professionals - Creative Power of Women
04/07/2017 IWA Name Badge Spring Sale
03/27/2017 IWA Briefings: Lurie Children's Hospital
03/14/2017 Modern Professional - Int'l Parental Child Abduction
03/10/2017 Turkish Interest - Handmade Turkish Jewelry
03/08/2017 International Women’s Day Celebration
03/08/2017 International Women’s Day Raffle
02/25/2017 Pre-Gala Program: Lapland to Helsinki, Finland
01/11/2017 The IWA International Gourmet Group presents: "A Winter Luncheon from Normandy"
12/08/2016 IWA Name Badge Winter Sale
12/07/2016 2016 IWA Annual Holiday Party
11/29/2016 Insider Chicago “Working in America Exhibit” Private Tour and interactive discussion
10/25/2016 RAFFLE TICKETS for the 2016 Woman Extraordinaire Event Honoring Vicki Escarra
10/25/2016 TICKETS AND SPONSORSHIP for the 2016 Woman Extraordinaire Event Honoring Vicki Escarra
10/07/2016 Spotlight Program, “The New Science of Cancer” at Northwestern Hospital
10/01/2016 Pop-Up Program ArtPrize International Art Festival
09/28/2016 Open House Celebration at Our New Office and Volunteer Fair!
08/28/2016 The International Gourmet Program invites you to the Annual IWA Summer Picnic
06/15/2016 2016 IWA Annual Meeting and Luncheon
05/13/2016 RAFFLE TICKETS for IWA Gala 2016, "Celebrating Germany"
05/13/2016 Sponsorship Opportunities, IWA Gala 2016 "Celebrating Germany"
05/13/2016 TICKETS TO THE IWA Annual Gala "Celebrating Germany"
04/08/2016 IWA Name Badge Sale Event II
04/06/2016 The IWA International Gourmet Group presents: "A Celebration of the New Season, AN EARLY SPRING PASTICHE"
03/31/2016 Insider Chicago, "Dressing Downton!"
03/08/2016 International Women’s Day Celebration at Intercontinental Chicago
02/05/2016 Insider Chicago, "IWA visits SAIC!” IWA MPG and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
01/25/2016 IWA New Year Open House...Goodbye Suite 1800...Hello 2016!
01/15/2016 IWA Name Badge Sale Event
08/09/2015 2015 Gourmet Picnic
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