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Swift School Funded Projects

“IWA’s participation in the RIF and tutoring programs is welcomed by the principal, teachers, and students at Swift. Each tutor expressed the satisfaction of working with the children and each returned to continue their work, for they learned that once the heart is touched by the grateful appreciation of a child, there is an intangible pride and sense of accomplishment that brings immeasurable reward.”

-- Barbara, IWA Tutor Volunteer


The following programs at Swift School are now being supported by IWA philanthropic funds:


IWA supports Swift School with a book distribution event three times a year, partnering with the Reading is Fundamental organization. Children select a book from grade-specific selections from companies such as Scholastic and Disney,  that are purchased with funds from IWA’s Insider Chicago program donations. Each class is allotted time to choose their books and IWA members are welcome to come and help the students with their selections. Distribution days offer a great opportunity for IWA members to become acquainted with the school and to see how excited the children are to be able to choose a book to keep and to share with their families.


 “The children were so excited when they learned that they could choose a book to keep.”

 --a Swift School teacher

"IWA's support will have a lasting impact on the future of my students."

--the Swift School Principal


As part of the Swift School curriculum, IWA sponsors an annual essay contest, Global Understanding: What International Experience Or Culture Means To Me, for students in grades 4-8 that provides a $100 prize for each grade’s winning essay.


IWA funds a program of coaching and ISAT test preparation classes for all the 7th grade students at Swift School. This program is designed to include practice tests, strategy discussions and a thorough review of the academic topics included in the test.

IWA is funding an “Ideal Student Workshop” program for all 8th grade students at Swift School to help them learn how to learn. This program is a half-day study skills workshop focused on the executive functioning skills required to assure high school readiness.

It is the goal of IWA to utilize our global experience and our relationship with Swift School to create a model for effective educational enhancement for low income, immigrant, and refugee children, which can be expanded to other targeted schools in the Chicago Public School System. To achieve this goal, IWA is committed to expanding its fundraising efforts to grow the resources available for its philanthropic programs. IWA solicits members to become involved with “our” school and to support these exciting initiatives.

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